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Jeffrey Nemecek, Public Financing Attorney, Gets Projects Done

February 14, 2019
Over the last few decades, Jeffrey Nemecek has worked with all sorts of financing instruments, like project-revenue financing, conduit transactions, excise tax revenue obligations, loan pool obligations, taxpayer funded projects and obligations, and government appropriated funding options, including tax-exempt and taxable obligations. As a public finance attorney and specialist, Jeffrey Nemecek has helped lead many important and complex projects, including a large number of infrastructure projects, such as facilities for solid waste and resource recovery ad water and sewer functions, as well as airports and hydroelectric facilities.

Jeffrey Nemecek, Attorney, has also provided guidance on hospitals, schools, courthouses, correctional facilities and facilities geared to help non-profits. Virtually all projects Jeffrey has led served a function of improving the communities in which they were built. Jeffrey is highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with all sorts of complex transactions, and he tends to approach them from an innovative perspective. Besides his impressive experience and education, Jeffrey Nemecek can also be counted upon as a prolific researcher and writer with regard to public financing issues.